Saturday, September 29, 2012

Do what interests you!

Remembering my grandfather who lived through the depression, I am amazed at such facts as he grew up without a refrigerator.  So much of what we have now wasn't available to the masses back then, and yet they still lived full and happy lives.

What does this have to do with your career?  Don't let money be the deciding factor.  You can live without a lot of things.  When deciding on your career, do what interests you.

A professor I quoted previously taught: "As college students, you have learned to live like dogs. You can live on a small income. Don't go into business or accounting if you don't like it, just for the money. Do what you love."

Hopefully, if you're reading this as an aspiring or new CPA, you at least like what you do, and the money is a nice bonus. If not... well, at least you get to work with cool people like me, right?


  1. Yes.. I always look up to you and this is what is on my mind these days..Do what you love..

  2. Thank you so much! I'm hardly someone to look up to, but I am glad that at least some of my thoughts can strike a chord for you.