Sunday, October 7, 2012

Dealing with disappointment

Some things in life are universal, such as disappointment and loss.  Whether it's losing a job, failing the CPA exam, missing out on a promotion, or losing a loved one - everyone experiences it at some point.

With any loss, the healthiest way to deal is to let yourself actually grieve.  Be mad, be disappointed, be sad, be angry, be whatever - because what happened sucked.

The goal is to eventually get to a place of acceptance.  This isn't white-washing the situation and pretending it never happened.  It's accepting your life has a new normal.

As the experts say:
Acceptance is often confused with the notion of being “all right” or “OK” with what has happened. This is not the case. Most people don’t ever feel OK. This stage is about accepting the reality and recognizing that this new reality is the permanent reality. We will never like this reality or make it OK, but eventually we accept it. We learn to live with it. It is the new norm with which we must learn to live.

For me, the new normal is life without the grandfather that I saw every week and adored.  Whatever your loss and the resulting new normal, I hope you can make your way to acceptance, which I'm on the journey to. 

Life's too short to live completely in the past, or with "what-ifs" hanging over you. Try to move forward with a different job, another sitting of the CPA exam, life without the promotion, or life without your loved one.  Make the best of the new normal that you can.

Why do I write about this?  Because even we accountants are human, and some times stuff happens.


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