Monday, October 22, 2012

How to Meet the Firms

Last Thursday, I attended a "Meet the Accounting Professionals" event at a nearby state university.  It was great fun, especially since my last "Meet the Firms" was as a student over a decade ago.

Finding a few stellar candidates was the highlight, of course.  Meanwhile, I felt sympathetic to those candidates that did not come across well.  After chatting with colleagues, I've come up with a few simple dos and don'ts for candidates attending such events...
  • Do keep your resume to one page.  Some candidates said "I tried to keep it to one page, but just couldn't."  They should have tried harder.  This is a must.
  • Do research the firms beforehand.  It says a lot that you take the time to learn something as simple as a firm's primary niche, location, or relative size. That being said...
  • Do not use note cards.  It's great to research the company, but don't read the research from a note card.
  • Do not overstay your welcome.  When the conversation stops flowing naturally, it is likely time to say thank you and give a farewell handshake.  That said, don't suddenly leave if it's going great and the firm member is clearly engaged.
  • Do speak loudly enough to be heard.  I'm not suggesting shouting at people, but in a busy event the firm member should not have to lean in or repeatedly ask "I'm sorry, what was that?"
  • Do not appear desperate.  Talk of how far you drove or how hard you've been looking for a job is not advisable.
  • Do have questions ready.  Don't leave it up to the firms to ask all the questions.  Keep in mind you are approaching their booth.  
Those are just a few thoughts after the event.  It was such fun I might attend again next year.  In the meantime perhaps a candidate will tell me what the dos and don'ts are as a firm member attending.  Hope I got at least some of them right...


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