Friday, January 31, 2014

Look Before You Leap

"Look before you leap."

An old saying, and perhaps too heavy on the caution side.  This week, however, I should have pulled this particular cliche off the shelf and dusted it off.

Visiting Twitter, I saw Going Concern posted: "Let's Exchange Heated Words About: The Top 30 Accounting Undergrad Programs."  Curious, I clicked the link, and saw my alma mater was ranked number one.  Without bothering to peruse the site, I simply clicked to comment, entered my name, and typed "BYU rocks!"

Little did I know the storm that would ensue. 

In the past, I've interacted online with individuals who are upfront about their identities and engage in civil discussion.  It was, in hindsight, quite foolish of me to assume this would automatically be the case in a popular accounting-related website.  As one commenter pointed out, if I had taken the time to go through the site before commenting my two words, I would have seen that no one uses their real names there. 

What's done is done, and I learned quite the lesson.  Not all accounting sites have the same crowds, and I better take the time to look before I leap.  Even if the leap is just writing two words out of school pride.


  1. Monica - as one female BYU accounting grad to another - don't let them get to you! We both know BYU rocks and they just can't handle it! My experience with much of Going Concern is that many of the articles are crass and seem to be written for the shock factor. Your blog has always been the opposite and one I enjoy following. Keep it up & GO COUGS!

    1. Thanks so much for the comment! I'll stick with my usual crowd from now on. Thanks so much for reading and the encouragement, especially since I've been dreadful at keeping the blog up. We'll see if inspiration starts to strike again now that I'm reading more about the profession and such, and that I'm actually thinking about blogging again. We shall see. Perhaps all my good ideas are already used up! GO COUGARS!

  2. Monica,

    They were just shocked that someone would actually sign their own name to something because they are so used to hiding behind the cloak of anonymity so they can spew vitriol at everyone -- their employers, the industry, etc.

    I guess some of that is invited by design.

    You handled it well. I hope you won't let the vocal minority keep you away in the future, despite what your friend up there describes as "crass," there are insightful conversations from time to time buried in the constant complaining and poo throwing in the comment section.

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