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By SSH AGAN → Monday, March 7, 2016
Banking, insurance, capital markets and financial plan is a field that I get into for approximately 15 years. It's what I experience for the Blog. because the concerned saw a lot of people make mistakes in managing family finances. The error is actually very inevitable. May you enlightened and can build a healthy family finances. May be useful.

Why I Write This Blog. Although it had some experience working in banks and the financial industry for more than 15 years, I have to admit that managing personal finances and family or health, is not an easy thing. I experienced it myself. Falling awake before reaching a hefty family finances healthy. Even now, however, my family's finances is far from perfect.

A lot of friends who are having the same problem, income or the huge paychecks every month does not guarantee sufficient savings or investment, there's even trapped in debt. Hard to believe that the middle class should have good financial knowledge, reality is not. I am writing this blog with the intention of sharing, sharing, about how to manage the finances of a healthy family. Personal experiences and knowledge from reading, participated in seminars and training, I am for all here.

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