How to become an Authoritative Boss and Favored Subordinate

By SSH AGAN → Monday, April 4, 2016
Become an Authoritative Boss and Favored Subordinates. You might think that being the boss that everything could be so easy. However, in practice is not as easy as you might think because of the position of boss "sandwiched" by the position on it and positioned underneath (subordinates). Therefore, an employer should accommodate the interests of his superiors and his subordinates properly.
How to become an Authoritative Boss and Favored Subordinate

1. Come on time

as a supervisor, you must come on time regardless of whether or not you are busy with the Affairs of the non worker (see 7 tips so come on time). When you come on time, subordinate refuses you will not respect to you because reasoned they could also come too late because you as usual late incoming work betters.

2. Reward vs. Punishment

many disappointments subordinate to his superior because the employer assessment is unfair. For example, you gave the same assessment between subordinates who avidly with the lazy. This usually gives the demotivation for subordinates who diligently work because they feel futile work diligently.

To motivate subordinates, you must apply the reward and punishment. As an example, the assessment is more give (reward) to subordinate the diligent work than a lazy subordinate work (punishment). Thus, subordinates who are diligent and lazy will know cause they got a raise that much. Hopefully, they will be more motivated so not lazy.

3. Don't discriminate

Don't discriminate, don't take it-bring the tribe, religion while you are at work. If instead, you will get a "resistance" from Your subordinates who may be offended over remark or your actions. Be aware that there are professional and work in multiple work environments.

4. Interact with subordinates

don't just dwell on the room or Office. If you have spare time, for example when the coffee break or lunch, interact with Your subordinates from any position. When interacting with them, make small talk which is subordinate to you comfortable fishing chat with you. Can a new talk topic related to the work of the
or not.

5. develop a culture of continuous improvement

as a supervisor, you must develop a culture of continuous improvement (continuous improvement). This is generally in the form of continuous efforts in improving its products, services, or processes.

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