How to Get Money From Aklamio (Aklamio.com)

By Loker Palembang 2016 → Saturday, April 16, 2016

How to Get Money From Aklamio (Aklamio.com)
Get Money From Aklamio
This time I will be posting download Share a Business Info how to get tens of euros or dollars from the site aklamio with ease, because only with invite someone via the link Affiliate aklamio we already get 20 euros which can be cleared into your paypal account within one week. Terms of Aklamio play you have to have a paypal account it's either Verified or Unverified everything supported by the site Aklamio.

What is a Aklamio (Aklamio.com)?

Aklamio is a site that gives the awards be paid in the form of Euro to member who became Affiliate or offer a product for online goods, services to buyers through the link affiliate which is given, including updating Authentication into your Paypal account Aklamio with the goal of keeping aklamio gets transaction data from your paypal site. 2 paypal will still maintain the security of your paypal account.

Various Group Facebook is being spread in people looking for a refferal from this site because it can be ascertained at this time Aklamio is the easiest place to mine money euro because only by inviting we get 20 euros is easy right?

How To Play: Aklamio

Get money Aklamio.com

1. Recommend the product  

there are so many products that you can offer to someone starting from clothing, fashion, food, buy and sell domains, register paypal offer via the link Affiliate and you will get paid 20 euros more than Aklamio

Product of Aklamio

 2. Invite Friend

Invite frineds

Recommend Aklamio to your friends and Community to enhance our Aklamio, we will give you 10% of the value of their prize. However, their gifts will not be affected. If your friends become Aklamians after you have recommended products, you will also receive the value of their prize.

How to register at Aklamio: 

1. Sign up Aklamio

First step Sign up for Aklamio through my refferal link: Sign up here 

Then click sign up using Facebook or email

2. Authentication your paypal account to Aklamio, 

Aklamio payment is automatic Minimum Payout 10 euros and payment about a week old. 

Step two is authentication to your paypal use link:  Authentication Paypal here

After the paypal address Authentication and register on aklamio next please done its work ranging from the Invite friends later you will get 10% earning friends or Authentication paypal later you will receive a 10 euro or recommend other products up to you see in the menu overview.

and you will see your link refferal and you can get money from share your link refferal to your friends

How Payout from Aklamio: 

time you successfully invite people for example for Authentication account paypal you got 20 Euro which will enter into the Pending status of the balance for one week only after it enters the balance after one week of new automated paypal sent to you (you can set).

So the posting about the easy way to get hundreds of Dollars of Euro Aklamio, may be useful and handy well though a bit long payment may the age old also please see his website is very convincing.

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