Investment Products Are Right For Young Children

By Loker Palembang 2016 → Wednesday, April 6, 2016
The importance of investment must be cultivated from a young age and began as early as possible. When you don't have your own income then you can set aside Your allowance and then ditabungkan and then bought investment products. For you who already have an income, then you can allocate around 10-20% of your income for this investment fund. The question is the right investment products for young children?
Investment Products Are Right For Young Children
The large number of investment products that exist in the market often leaves us confused especially young people with mediocre investment. However, you do not need to be confused because on this occasion I will discuss investment products appropriate for young children.

Some Investment Products Are Right For Young Children

Age under 30 years old in general you have your income and not yet married, it means you do not have a dependent load so you can allocate your income more for investment funds. At this time you should be more aggressive in investing and risk-taking is higher so that it can gain greater preparation for old age. However You should still be careful in the selection of investment products.

1. Investment in shares of stock Investments.

is the right choice of investment products for young people like you because it offers the advantage of very high despite having higher risks. There are at least two types of advantages when you invest in a stock that is indirectly being the "owner" of a company so that it will get the dividends and capital gains, i.e. the profit obtained from the difference between the sale and purchase. While the risk is if there is a bankruptcy on the company they will be or when market conditions deteriorated so maybe you will lose money.

2. Obligation.

Obligation constitute the agreement between first-party debt issuing bonds and parties both you as a buyer. Buying bonds cannot change just like lending money, after a certain period of time then you will get a refund of capital and its profits in the form of the agreed interest. These bonds can be the right choice of investment products for young children who have a large capital and want to play it safe, but yes it benefits any similar deposits.

3. Mutual funds.

Mutual fund is the right choice of investment product and safe for a young child who has limited funds and does not yet have the ability to know their own risk profile because in the mutual funds you can choose an investment manager (MI) to choose the capital markets which will be followed. This type of investment funds from investors lumping aims then transmitted to various instruments of investment in capital markets. You can buy mutual funds as investment products are right for young people in existing banks in your city.

4. Investment property.

Property prices are indeed quite high and steadily increasing from year to year, so the property is the right choice of investment products for young children. In addition to the later property can be adjacent when they will already have families, they will be Your property rented out loh. If you do not have enough money at this time then you can apply for MORTGAGES.

5. Gold Investment.

Investing in gold is probably the right choice of investment products for young children and the most easy to do. You do not need a lot of money to buy the gold bullion that important routine is done, little by little then you will have a lot of gold. Gold including the safest investments at present, but the advantage is very small. When you want to obtain a large enough profit from this investment is then make sure you make a long-term investment.

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